Saturday, August 25, 2007

2007 Flood

Here are some more pictures of the flooding. The first 3 are all downtown, which was not even accessible Thurs morning.

Here is our cemetary, it was higher on Weds, you could barely see the tips of the tombstones.
THe courthouse and Municipal building were all under water.
And no, people still have not learned not to drive through it!! The white car is a Jeep Cherokee and barely made it thru! People do not use their heads when it comes to an emergency. Downtown there were so many vehicles that got stuck, b/c they thought that they could make it, but they didn't. Therefore, the emergency people had to waste time getting them out, instead of helping people that were still stuck in their homes.

Friday, most of the water is gone and clean up begins. It really doesn't hit you until you drive through the neighborhoods and see people throwing their belongings on the side of the road. Downtown businesses are just a disaster. Our city employees are going to be picking up their damaged items. But just to see it puts a lump in your throat. Couches, tables, mattresses, dressers, pool tables, kids' toys , carpeting, drywall... On the cars that people left, you can see the water was up to their mirrors ( on trucks) Just total devastation. Most people lost everything. My SIL lost all her furniture and had to rip out all of her flooring in the entire downstairs.
If you had insurance, sure hope you had a good coverage. Most people that got flooded didn't have insurance (they weren't in flood zones). The newspaper tells you to go down the Rec center and apply for assistance. Well here's the catch, you are only allowed to make $3000 or less a month for a 4 people household. Some of the people that do have insurance are only covered for $1500...that's not even enough to pay for carpet!!
My thoughts and prayers go out the all the victims...We will survive!!


Awesome Abby said...

I like the one of the reflection of the courthouse. neat photo. this is all from rain?!?!? we are in serious drought conditions here and have had 15 out of 24 days over 100 degree weather without heat index! no rain in sight!

Toni said...

Just checking to see if you've posted anything new! I did on mine! So, how is your city recovering?

kaycee said...

Wow. It seems surreal to note this flooding.

I have a question for you... went to your website again, very nice site, love the viewer stuff and may download a set for myself-- question is, how did you do that ring shot for the wedding page?